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Terell Stafford
(b. 1967 - Miami, FL)

Title: New Beginnings
Personnel: Terell Stafford (trumpet), Jess Davis (alto sax), Steve Wilson (alto & soprano saxophones), Dick Oats (alto saxophone), Harry Allen (tenor saxophone), Mulgrew Miller (piano), Derrick Hodge (bass), Dana Hall (drums). Arrangements by Stephen Scott and Pamela Watson.
Recorded: 2003
Label: Max Jazz
Comments: Terell Stafford is one of the leading trumpet players of the day, with a style that is incredibly swinging and smart. His technique is impeccable (music degrees in classical music honed his chops) and his writing is strong and unique. His first major gig with Bobby Watson and Horizon launched his career in the mid-90's and he's never looked back. This is his first release on the relatively new Max Jazz label.
Title: Present Tense
Personnel: Bobby Watson (alto & soprano saxophones), Edward Simon (piano), Essiet Essiet (bass), Terell Stafford (trumpet), Victor Lewis (drums).
Recorded: 1992
Label: Columbia
Comments: One Terell's first recordings, this CD showcases his vast talent that brought him to the forefront of the jazz scene today. Bobby Watson's band, Horizon, co-led with Victor Lewis, was a totally happening band throughout the 90's, showcasing a true "band-sound" that only comes with playing together over many years. In addition, many of Bobby's and Victor's compositions have become jazz standards, recorded and played by many other jazz musicians.

Title: eeeyess!
Personnel: Victor Lewis (drums), Terell Stafford (trumpet), Seamus Blake (tenor & soprano saxophones) Stephen Scott (piano), Ed Howard (bass), Don Alias (percussion).
Recorded: 1997
Label: Enja
Comments: Terell is a sideman on this CD, one of the best of the 90's! Victor Lewis is an incredibly gifted musician who constantly showcases his vast musical "taste" on this recording. Not only is he an incredible drummer, but his compositions are unique and beautiful, too. Terell sounds wonderful in this band - you can tell he's one of Victor's favorite sidemen.


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