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Although it may feel like we, as citizens, don't have a say in how our laws are enacted or how our money is spent by our government, if we don't speak up, we will never be heard. We must call and write our representatives as often as possible to express our views on the issues. They do listen and notate who calls (or writes) and why.

Unfortunately, though, emailing your representative is basically a waste of time. It is uncertain how many offices actually read emails, but it is a fact that constituent"snail" mail gets read and cataloged. That goes for calling, too, which is easier than writing a letter and mailing it.

To find out who your representatives to the United States Congress are, this link will take you to a page where all you do is input your zip code to get a list of your senators and house representative, in addition to links to your local state representatives.

The old adage, "Think globally, act locally" is a very powerful attitude. You'll be surprised, too, at how receptive your state senators and congressmen are to your opinions. Most of them take their job very seriously, and really want to help their constituents, believe it or not!


In November, 2004, and again in 2006, we put together a band, led by Vinson Valega, to provide the music for various campaign rallies in close Congressional races. After a long day of handing out flyers and knocking on doors in a get-out-the-vote effort, the music was both entertaining and uplifting.

Read a thank you letter (.pdf) sent to us from Congressman Joe Sestak (Democrat from Pennsylvania's 7th District, outside of Philadelphia), who we helped get elected for the first time in November 2006!

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