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Max Roach
(b. 1/10/24 - New Land, NC        d. 8/16/07 - New York, NY)

Title: Money Jungle
Personnel: Max Roach (drums), Duke Ellington (piano), Charles Mingus (bass).
Recorded: 1962
Label: Blue Note
Comments: The first drummer to come after the groundbreaking drumming of Kenny Clarke in the 40's, Max Roach is known more or less as the father of bebop drumming. Although Kenny Clarke was the first to use the bass drum as a separate means to place accents within the tune (previous swing/big band drummers would only use the bass drum to tap out each quarter note, also known as "four-on-the-floor"), Max took the independence of each limb to a new level. Very young when he started in Charlie Parker's band, Max's career has spanned five decades and has influenced every single drummer that's come after him. He is as important to the drums as Bird is to the alto and Diz is to the trumpet.
Title: At Basin Street, Live (with Clifford Brown)
Personnel: Max Roach (drums), Clifford Brown (trumpet), Sonny Rollins (tenor sax), Richie Powell (piano), George Morrow (bass).
Recorded: 1956
Label: Blue Note
Comments: Once he left Bird's band, Max struck out on his own and started this band co-led with Clifford Brown. Leading the charge into "Post-Bop" land, this group is very important in the lineage of jazz history.
Title: Rich vs. Roach
Personnel: Max Roach and Buddy Rich (drums); Buddy Rich's Band: Phil Woods (alto sax), Willie Dennis (trombone), John Bunch (piano), Phil Leshin (bass); Max Roach's Band: Tommy Turrentine (trumpet), Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax), Julian Priester (trombone), and Bobby Boswell (bass).
Recorded: 1959
Label: Blue Note
Comments: A terrific document to contrast the two very different drumming styles, Rich vs. Roach reveals two different ways to make music. Buddy Rich was known for his bombastic approach to drumming, throwing every versatile sticking into his phrasing, constantly filling up the space with his technical prowess. Max Roach, on the other hand, is the master of the understatement, showing us the truth that: "Less is More!"

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