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Horace Silver
(b. 9/2/28 - Norwalk, CT)

Title: Song For My Father
Personnel: Horace Silver (piano), Carmell Jones, Blue Mitchell (trumpet), Joe Henderson, Junior Cook (tenor sax), Teddy Smith, Gene Taylor (bass), Roger Humphries, Roy Brooks (drums).
Recorded: 1963-64
Label: Blue Note
Comments: One of the originators of the post-bop movement, Horace Silver started his career in the early 50's in Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. With a style completely his own, Silver's career has flourished over the past four decades, mostly as a leader with an incredible repertoire of original material. Song For My Father was a huge hit for Horace at the time, with the title track making its way up the popular music charts.
Title: Horace Silver Trio
Personnel: Horace Silver (piano), Gene Ramey, Curly Russell, Percy Heath (bass), Art Blakey (drums), Sabu (congas).
Recorded: 1952-53
Label: Blue Note
Comments: As the story goes, Horace supposedly recorded himself constantly when he was getting his own vocabulary and style together. Whenever he heard a phrase that was derivative from another musician, he consciously cut it out from his playing. And whenever he heard a phrase that was completely his own, he transcribed it and practiced it over and over to really get it right. Through this process, he came into his own unique vocabulary, with the trademark compying of his left hand (when a pianist's left hand "accompanies" his right hand, playing chords that support the linear ideas that his right hand is playing). This trio CD is terrific in it's variety of original songs. In addition, check out Art Blakey's fresh and stimulating drumming...
Title: The Hardbop Grandpop
Personnel: Horace Silver (piano), Claudio Roditi (trumpet), Steve Turre (trombone), Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone), Ronnie Cuber (baritone sax), Ron Carter (bass), Lewis Nash (drums).
Recorded: 1997
Label: Blue Note
Comments: A prolific composer, Horace keeps releasing new albums with new material year after year. This is a particularly good example of some material released in the late 90's.

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