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Charles Mingus
(b. 4/22/22 - Nogales, AZ    d. 1/5/79 - Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Title: Pithecanthropus Erectus
Personnel: Charles Mingus (bass), J.R. Monterose (tenor sax), Mal Waldron (piano), Willie Jones (drums).
Recorded: 1956
Label: Atlantic
Comments: Ah Charlie Mingus - the brilliant, hot-headed, bassist, bandleader extrodanaire! His playing was remarkable in proficiency and his compositions were completely unique. His career as a band-leader spanned four decades, as he was constantly creating new sounds within his groups. He treated his gigs like workshops, where he would stop and start the band if he didn't approve of the way things were going. And his reputation as a stubborn bastard preceded him wherever he went. The truth was that he was a sensitive artist who was driven to perfection, sometimes at the expense of personal niceties. In any event, his music is of the utmost importance in the timeline of jazz, and these three CD's are just a few examples of his genius. Almost every release of his is worth getting, but these three are a great introduction to the late, great Charles Mingus!
Title: Mingus Ah Um
Personnel: Charles Mingus (bass), John Handy III, Booker Ervin, Jr., and Shafi Hadi (saxophones), Horace Parlan (piano), Willie Dennis, Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Dannie Richmond (drums).
Recorded: 1959
Label: Columbia
Title: The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
Personnel: Charles Mingus (bass), Rolf Ericson, Richard Williams (trumpets), Jerome Richardson, Dick Hafer, Charlie Mariano (saxophones), Jaki Byard (piano), Quentin Jackson (trombone), Jay Berliner (guitar), Dannie Richmond (drums).
Recorded: 1963
Label: Impulse!

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