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Brad Mehldau
(b. 1969 - Hartford, CT)

Title: Introducing Brad Mehldau
Personnel: Brad Mehldau (piano), Larry Grenadier, Christian McBride (bass), Jorge Rossy, Brian Blade (drums).
Recorded: 1995
Label: Warner Brothers
Comments: Brad Mehldau, one of the most important pianists of the current generation of young lions from the 1990's, began his career in New York, moved to Los Angeles in the mid-90's, but is now back on the East coast. These recordings show off his rare talent, as he navigates across the keyboard with incredible control and finesse. A natural born musician, his timing is impeccable as he inherently understands how to build a solo with utmost care and drama.
Title: Art Of The Trio - Volume 4
Personnel: Brad Mehldau (piano), Larry Grenadier (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums).
Recorded: 1999
Label: Warner Brothers
Comments: This is the latest CD in an ongoing series. This band has been together now for a few years and knows how to create complicated, thick music, where the beat is toyed with and ideas move around quickly. Brad is a big hit, especially in Europe where the German crowd loves his romantic ideas (and the liner notes that Brad writes himself).
Title: Teatro
Personnel: Willie Nelson and his band, including Brad Mehldau on piano, vibes, and hammond organ!
Recorded: 1998
Label: Island Records
Comments: If you think jazz musicians can only play jazz, or non-jazz musicians don't know anything about jazz, then you've got to pick up this CD. Willie Nelson is highly respected in the jazz community for his special musicality and incredibly "perfect" guitar solos. His music is truly original and "American" and he deserves a special place in our hearts for making such incredible music over the past decades. Willie taps Brad for some keyboard (and vibes) playing throughout this CD. They must have met when Brad was living in Los Angeles. A "must-have" CD, for sure!

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