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Elvin Jones
(b. 9/9/27 - Pontiac, MI    d. 5/18/04 - New York, NY)

Title: Heavy Sounds
Personnel: Elvin Jones (drums), Richard Davis (bass), Frank Foster (tenor sax), Billy Green (piano).
Recorded: 1967
Label: Impulse!
Comments: Known primarily for his service in the John Coltrane Quartet of the mid-60's, Elvin Jones went on to make a number of terrific CD's as a leader. Heavy Sounds is just one of the great ones. Elvin even plays guitar on one of the tunes called, "Elvin's Guitar Blues."
Title: John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Personnel: Elvin Jones (drums), John Coltrane (tenor sax), Jimmy Garrison (bass), McCoy Tyner (piano).
Recorded: 1965
Label: Impulse!
Comments: This classic recording is as important as they come, encompassing the spirit of The John Coltrane Quartet, smack dab in the middle of the 60's. Elvin's playing is just phenomenal. His vocabulary has influenced every drummer that has followed, with many band leaders instructing their drummers to "play this in an Elvin-ish way." When Tony Williams first heard Elvin on the recordings of the late 50's, he had to listen closely as he thought there was more than one drummer on the recording! Elvin's playing is that full and intricate...
Title: Tommy Flanagan - Overseas
Personnel: Elvin Jones (drums), Tommy Flanagan (piano), Wilbur Little (bass).
Recorded: 1957
Label: Fantasy
Comments: This is an important record because it was one of Tommy Flanagan's first as a leader and because it introduced Elvin to the jazz community. Both players were from Detroit and had been playing together all the time in the preceding years. On this recording, Elvin only uses brushes - no sticks. Boy does he swing the band with just those two little brushes!

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