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Sites that are members of Co-Op America and other Green Businesses.  
Please support these fellow green businesses and help keep make the world a Greener place!

Agoo Agii
Ecologically Balanced Skin and Body Care.

Annie Grant
EcoChic recycled products, accessories & gifts.

Authentic Alternatives
Partnering with socially responsible business owners

Dishwasher accessories that allow you to easily clean and reuse your plastic food storage bags.

Socially conscious business buying from Indonesian artisans.

Bamboo Zoo
Healthy kids have more fun!

Soft, Protective, Natural Bamboo Clothing

Mother Nature Would Approve!

Bridge for Africa
Partnering with African Artisan Groups to Bring Beautiful Fair Trade Goods to You.

Business <--> Non-profit Connections
Strategic Business Philanthropy

California Organic Flowers
Beauty, Delivered Daily

Clean Air Pure Water
Ecologist Jim McMahon- healthy water for your family.

Come from the Heart
Discounted Long Distance to Benefit Non-profit groups.

Conscious Cup
Gourmet, organic and fair trade coffees.

Pure Aromatherapy and Natural Body Care Products.

Featuring certified eco-gold and conflict-free diamonds.

Ecologic Solutions
Safe, effective, cost-competive green cleaning products for institutions.

Ecological Home Ideas
Green home magazine online and in print.

environ-MENTAL Productions
The Vision Vehicle.

Natural baby products.

Etica Fair Trade
Fair trade wine and other products.

The Exotic Paper Co. Ltd.
Ellie Poo Paper - 100% recycled with elephant dung!

Gaia Goods Trading Company
Gaia Goods is an importer and distributor of decorative and fashion accessories from India, Nepal and South America, hand-made in fair-trade and women-owned businesses.

A Lifestyle Company.

Gifts that Matter
Organic and wild harvested gourmet products.

Provides the Why and How to establishing environmentally-friendly practices in everyday life.

Green Alcove
The green alcove- eco-friendly home accessories and gifts.

Green Earth Market
Natural items for your immediate environment & our planet.

Green Earth Travel
Earth-friendly travel.

Green Field Paper Company
The finest in tree-free and handmade paper.

Green Key Real Estate
Sustainable business brokerage & green real estate.

Green Sites United
Healthy Living For A World At Risk

Green Tea Lovers
Healthy Teas that Taste Great.

Grinning Planet
Environmental/Health Articles.

Harmonious Environment
Creating Green and Balanced Spaces.

Hoopla Traders
Products made from green, recycled and ecologically sustainable materials.

Ibike Tours
Small groups exploring cultures worldwide.

Ideal Bite
Free, fun eco-living tips! Delivered daily via email.

Kasper Organics
Affordable & socially responsible organic cotton clothing and accessories for men and women.

Krull & Co.
Socially Responsible Investing

Lilipad Studio
Green line of hand painted children’s furniture.

Lifestyles of health and sustainability journal.

Cloth Diapers

Creative imaging for commercial and editorial clients

Momma's Baby
Purely Natural and Organic Products for Momma and Baby.

Mellow Monk
Japanese Green Tea.

Moondrop Clothiers
Bringing style with responsibility to the marketplace.

Natural health information and supplement portal.

A Natural Home
Affordable organic bedding and furniture.

Natural Pet Market
All natural, organic dog food, toys & care products from Natural Pet Market.

New Society Publishers
Books to walk the talk.

Nita Winter and Rob Badger Photography
Beautiful photography by two environmental activists

Fair Trade, What the World Creates by Hand.

One with Earth Organics
An Oasis of Chemical Free Products.

Only Natural Pet Store
Everything Natural for dogs & Cats.

Organic Baby Products
Organic Baby Products is a premier online resource for learning and shopping for all things organic for your baby. Topics include organic baby food, nutrition, skin care, organic clothes and more.

Organic Coupons
Yup. Organic Coupons.

Organic Excellence
Chemical Free Products.

Paloma Pottery
Recycled glass infused Paloma Pottery.

Perfect Pads
Eco-friendly cloth menstrual wear.

Plans and Solutions
Marketing and trade consultants for the agri-food trade.

Plexus Pacific Industries
Recycle, Sustain, Live...

Positive Energy
Conservation Products.

Purely Shea
Purely shea - organic shea butter skincare.

Right Stuff One
Choices for healthier living.

Ruth's Hemp Foods
GMO-free, no hydrogenated fats, no transfatty acids, no refined sugars, no artificial preservatives, no sulfites, no fillers.

Safe Sand Company
Safe non-hazard play sand for children.

Seasons Originals
An artisan cooperative offering handmade jewelry, bath & body, apparel, baby items, handknit and wooden toys, playsilks, accessories, and more!

Handcrafted custom jewelry - sustainably mined gold.

Sustainable Hosting
Professional quality website hosting powered by 100% renewable energy.

Sustainable Spaces
Licensed contractors in the Bay Area

Water Purification Systems.

High quality, handcrafted products from nonprofits, cooperatives and NGO's that are approved by the Fair Trade Federation.

From Artisans of India.

Trillium Organics
Organic Skincare, Certified Clean and Bona Fide Green!

Twisted Limb Paper
Handmade 100% recycled paper invitations.

Verde Energy
America's Trusted Source for Renewable Energy Services.
Transforming your relationship to water ~ the elixir of life.

Wild Organics
A place for organic and sustainable products.

Wildlife Works
Consumer Powered Conservation.

Zero Footprint
Connecting people who care about the environment.

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