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con*sil"i*ence, n: from the latin, consilere, formed from con,"with," and "salire," to leap; an interlocking of explanations of cause and effect between disciplines. An act of concurrence; coherence; jumping together.



April 2011

As part of's nationwide campaign to draw attention to the huge number of Corporate tax avoiders, Consilience Productions joined forces with local activists on April 18, 2011, to make our voices heard.

We will no longer tolerate laws that let the Citigroups and General Electrics of America pay NO TAXES on billions and billions of annual income!

February 2011

Consilience Awareness Concert Series: Citymeals on Wheels & Coalition for the Homeless

In our seventh in a series of concerts that uses jazz to raise awareness and inspire participation, we decided to branch out into the singer/songwriter idiom and featured two fantastic vocalists: Carolyn Leonhart & Christelle Durandy.

This one took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at Pinkerton Wine Bar and featured presentations by Josh Klinski from Coalition for the Homeless & Vivienne Brown-O'neill from Citymeals on Wheels. Both spoke about the urgent need to help those less fortunate, especially in the middle of the frigid New York City February winter.

Musical performances by:

Carolyn Leonhart (vocals) & Yotam Silberstein (guitar)
Christelle Durandy (vocals) & Pete Smith (guitar)



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