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Vinson Valega - Drums
Anton Denner - Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Flute
Gary Wang - Bass

8/21 & 8/22/2002 at Avatar Studios, New York City.

Press Release

Spring 2004

New CD Release from The Vinson Valega Trio: "Consilience"

Consilience Productions is proud to announce the CD release, Consilience, by The Vinson Valega Trio. Recorded in New York City in August 2002, this trio consists of Anton Denner on saxophones and flute, Gary Wang on bass, and Vinson Valega on drums.

This recording documents a unique, chordless trio that "suffuses a soulful approach with an airy aesthetic." Because this is a "working" trio that has played together for over four years now, the music created on this recording reflects the loose and adventurous approach to standards and originals only achieved through the strong trust between these musicians.

On Consilience, Vinson, Anton, and Gary make music with a certain "flow" in mind, not only within each tune, but also from song to song. In fact, the music on this CD is almost a spontaneous suite of songs, similar to the trio's public performances. On stage, for instance, they might perform an entire set of music with no breaks between songs, where the direction of the music at that moment dictates which song comes next.

With a commitment to many different styles within jazz, these three musicians create a soundscape varied in as many textures as the diverse sources of influences running through their musical backgrounds. Jazz, funk, rock, classical, and latin all reveal themselves in one place or another on Consilience, while the overarching theme is a commitment to the rich tradition of Miles, Coltrane, and Charlie Parker.

The release is currently available through the Consilience Productions website or from other online vendors, such as CD Baby, iTunes, and eMusic.

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