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Why is "Certified Organic" Important?

Protect the environment. When you purchase organic food, you use the power of your dollar to sustain life affirming farming practices.

Get better flavor. There is a good reason why many chefs use organic food in their recipes - IT TASTES BETTER! Organic farming starts with the nourishment of the soil, which leads to the nourishment of the plant and, ultimately, our palates.

Protect your children. The average child is exposed to four times as many cancer-causing pesticides in their food than an adult. Organic food contains no carcinogenic pesticides.

Prevent soil erosion. The Soil Conservation Society estimates that more than 3 BILLION tons of topsoil are eroded from US farmlands each year, & soil is eroding seven times faster than it is being built up naturally. In organic farming, soil is the foundation of the food chain as opposed to conventional farming where soil is merely used as a method of holding the plants in place so they can be chemically fertilized.

Protect water quality. Water makes up two-thirds of the planet's mass. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates pesticides contaminate the groundwater in 38 states, polluting the primary source of water for more than half the country's population.

Save Energy. Farming methods have changed drastically in this century from small family farms to large-scale factory style farms, dependent upon fossil fuels. Modern farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry.

Keep chemicals off your plate. The FDA approved many pesticides before research linked them to chemicals that cause cancer and other diseases. Now the EPA considers 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides, and 30% of all insecticides to be carcinogenic. The bottom line is that pesticides are poisons made to kill living creatures, and can also be harmful to humans.

Protect farm workers health. A National Cancer Institute study showed that farmers exposed to chemical herbicides had a six times greater risk of contracting cancer than farmers who are not. The health of farm workers in developing countries is a serious issue, as pesticide use is poorly regulated. An estimated 1 MILLION people are poisoned annually by pesticides, and in developing countries 25 MILLION farm workers suffer acute pesticide poisoning every year.

Help small farmers. Most organic farms are independently owned and operated family farms. It is estimated that the United States has lost more than 650,000 family farms in the past decade.

Support a true economy. Superficially, organic foods might seem more expensive than conventional foods. Conventional food prices do not reflect hidden costs borne by the taxpayer, including nearly $74 BILLION in federal subsidies to conventional farming in 1988. Other hidden costs include pesticide regulation and testing, hazardous waste disposal, and environmental damage. A recent study by Cornell University concluded that pesticides cost our nation $8 BILLION annually. Soil erosion cost another $24 BILLION.

Promote bio-diversity. "Mono-cropping" is the practice of planting large plots of land with the same crop year after year, conventional farming uses this method exclusively. The lack of natural diversity of plant life has left the soil lacking in natural nutrients and minerals. To replace these lost nutrients which are necessary to farm, chemical fertilizers are often used. Single crops are also much more susceptible to pests, making farmers even more reliant on pesticides. Organic farming encourages food production that nurtures our soil through the absence of pesticides and the presence of rich compost. The inherent commitment of organic farming to crop rotation, living soil, rural enterprise, pure water and sustainable agriculture is, in itself, a critical step toward protecting our environment and our individual health. By buying organic, you provide a marketplace for growers who have made the future of our planet a top priority.


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